Ruining ruin-ers

Digg Inc, a social media staple has sold its website, brand and technology to Betaworks which will combine Digg with is self described as your avenue for a daily briefing of top stories from Facebook and Twitter delivered to your inbox.

I have no Facebook account, no Twitter account and no desire to do so. I enjoy Digg daily as a source for news and what is trending. I literally probably visit the site 5+ times per day.

It seems sad to me that a company that has reportedly made over 45m for investors sold for 500k despite larger offers because they feel that Betaworks will do the best job at reviving the brand.

What went wrong with Digg? I think the biggest kick in the balls might have been losing 15 members of their engineering team and half of their overall staff to the Washington Post for their SocialCode subsidiary.
I’m sure there has so be some sort of knowledge being used here that could violate their non-compete agreements.

In the past by boyfriend would tell me to just personalize my Google Reader to get exactly what I want. Its too bad that Google Reader has now integrated with Google+ (My boyfriend has a laundry list of complaints btw) and sharing things results in over-sharing or making it hard as shit for people to find what you like.

ANYWAY… F-you facebook, F-you twitter, F-you online ad tracking companies. You ruined my news.