africa, part 1.lost

so, jeni and i are in south africa!

we wanted to blog about it here so that our loved ones could keep up-to-date with our travels. it has been a bit problematic at times, but nothing unbearable and nothing we couldn’t overcome with patience (as jeni continues to teach me).

i had written a lengthy post about the initial travels that lead us to today, but in the process of dealing with our technical difficulties, we have lost that post and will attempt to re-write about the first 2.5 days of our travel when we get a chance.

to give a short history:

  • we left orlando at around 9am on monday, landing in washington / dulles with a 6.5 hour layover, had lunch at harry’s tavern in the airport (an unpleasant eating experience), and then left for a 16 hour flight to johannesburg.
  • our flight with south africa airlines was filled with old people on group tours to safari, which was less than enjoyable for a variety of reasons, not just because the older age of most of the passengers but also because of dirty pillows, lack of proper climate control, and the stop in darkar, senegal.
  • jeni and i would both like to go into more detail about the preceding events, but would rather enjoy our vacation right now. we’ll update  more as soon as we get a chance.
  • we made it to jo-berg and caught a connector to cape town. thinking the worst of our travel over due to our pre-planning, we encountered technical diffculties upon our arrival that led to much frustration, but we overcame. (the next blog post will cover this in greater detail)
  • we haven’t really fought, which is a relief to both of us, and the trip continues to bring us closer together.
  • we stayed in the wonderfully accommodating westin in cape town’s V&A district, but instead of our planned relaxation and exploring were forced to continue to resolve more technical difficulties, which we solved with patience and cooperation, meaning we had to sacrifice our massages we scheduled. but it was worth it to have a working phone and internet to make the rest of the vacation more enjoyable and less stressful. it is mystery how people were able to explore a completely different continent without these modern conveniences! (google is our unmentioned third traveling companion)
  • we had a scenic drive on sir lowry’s pass and have at every turn been amazed with south africa’s beauty and hospitality
  • after making contact with our understanding hosts, we now reside in a remarkable and unique home. the house has had its share of problems, but has been worth it. jeni’s impression of the home is a vintage (hipster) photographer’s delight, and has unique and memorable feel
  • today we explored hermanus center. we had lunch at ocean’s basket, an original (and delightfully tacky) seafood restaurant. they’re slogan is “the sole provider”. their selection of platters are something to behold and should be enjoyed by anyone visiting the region. jeni calls it “south africa’s red lobster”,
  • that takes us close to where we are, and we’ll followup with more details tomorrow with the rest of today and tomorrow’s shark cage diving and more pictures from before.
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