let’s at least pretend guys buy stuff….

…. just saying.

i wear a lot of sandals and flip flops. don’t hate. i don’t really like wearing constraining or uncomfortable shoes, and i live in a warm climate. luckily, i have an employement situation that allows me the freedom to dress as i choose (most of the time).

it is one of the perks i really do appreciate.

so, due to the frequency, i tend to wear through sandals & flips fairly often, and replace them a few times a year. and you can generally tell pretty well when you are soon to be in need of a new pair. this is the situation i found myself in the other day, at target.

i figured target would have at least a decent selection of flips/sandals due to the low price, the summer season, the large retail space (supertarget), recent renewed focus on competing affordable fashion, ¬†and the fact that it is florida. walmart’s choices , i figured, would seem to plain, mainstream, cheap, or outrageously endorsed. the off-price retail stores, or second-hand department stores as jeni would call them (like ross, marshalls, tj maxx, etc), are too hit and miss when you need a sure size or availability. i didn’t have time to go “shopping”, i just needed a nice cheap pair of flips.

target surprised me, but not in the positive.

guess guys aren’t supposed to want decent shoe choices.

there was a wall of women’s flips & sandals.





there was a whole row of additional women’s flips & sandals.





there was an endcap of women’s sandals.
there was even a sprinkling of women’s sandals in other rows of women’s shoes!

kids got a sandals/flip-flop aisle too. they were in baskets to dispense easier.

what did the guys get?
they got 6 choices in the far corner, out of the guys section, in the end of another children’s row, after a sprinkling of more children’s sandals/flips.

you can try to count the 6 or so mostly pastel unisex flips squeezed between the children’s river shoes and the baby’s crocs. but i don’t. those super cheap flips aren’t really used by anyone except people who are going to get so drunk at the beach they don’t want worry about losing their shoes or people who haven’t discovered how uncomfortable they are until they are broken in.

the women’s choices numbered close to a hundred.
the children’s about 25-30, due largely to the space taken by such a range in sizes.

and guys get 6?

way to go target.

kohl’s had over 30 styles, for 2-3 dollars cheaper, in a wide variety of styles. and the endcaps used to display them only took up about twice as much more room as the target display.

and this doesn’t even begin to discuss the difference in just regular shoes…

needless to say, target will not figure into any of my future shoe shopping plans.

(where, by the way, is the in store kiosks for ordering-to-store for products that aren’t carried locally. this wouldn’t have saved my purchase, but would help transition the less-technical¬†to buy more. disclaimer: i haven’t looked so i may be foot-chewing later. )

and for those that may not relate, i’m pretty f*ing manly. but i should still be able to buy a decent pair of flip-flops at target. i felt like i was in the twilight zone and target has become women’s walmart.