background on sad kings…

so, for the x number of you readers out there (x = 0, in case i was wondering) confused to my reference to sad kings, i figured i’d do a refresher of our previous site.

my girlfriend has a sharp wit and varied interests. she also doesn’t stay on topic long (a trait we share). she has a great and different way of seeing the world which is often quite refreshing and unique compared to other people  (especially considering how humdrum most people are and how most share regurgitated views from few sources). in an effort, between jobs, to keep her more occupied and entertained, i established and setup this website to allow her a creative outlet. she greatly deserves it and the world deserves her shared views…..

on the flip side, i tend to be full of a lot of nonsensical and sensibly bullshit, spread over a wide range of topics. at times, i’ve even been known to express original and enlightening observations. also, i speak computer, badly but often. so i help out / carry the weight around here.

we got thishere site what-one-could-call-operational, and were getting a kick out of it. after a few weeks, however, my girlfriends heart got stomped.

a man (no gentle, but arguably gentile) by the name, i assume, of Firas Wleed hacked our site and filled it with crappy animated gifs of the iraqi flag, iraqi-themed fists punching through an american flag, a picture of a hooded thug with a gun, and other poorly chosen & placed items, including messages in mixed font sizes/caps & colors.

this jerk appears to be from iraq and possesses some skills with computers. he managed to find a vulnerability that allowed him access to our crappy wordpress and make it his, the specifics of which i don’t know and could care less about. what bothers me is his actions upset my girlfriend and destroyed the outlet i had provided her to be expressive.

i don’t know this firas wleed, if that’s a real name or person. what i do know is he runs/ran a site called (don’t go there, if only to keep his ego down). he seems to have a pattern of hacking novice-established websites to illustrate that he can (“well done! you outsmarted people who don’t know what they’re really doing on computers!”), utilizing their former websites to advertise his hacking skills and leave what would quite possibly be his most impressive accomplishment in his entire life. in essence he is a punk.

i’ve never really been actively outspoken on the internet before, but recently i’ve become interested in getting more involved, if only because the discussions with others pertaining to relevant and important matters both on and off the internet seem to have de-evolved into uneducated and poorly thought out dribble (on their end, where else? couldn’t be me too… nah…). more talking is always better. we have less time to fight.

so, i don’t really know what firas’s deal is. maybe he is an iraqi displaced by my country’s misguided and unjustified occupation of his country. maybe even worse, he lost family or loved ones. this might be his non-violent attempt to strike back at america. maybe he isn’t iraqi and is a crazy terrorist. maybe he’s just a stupid kid and isn’t associated with iraq at all. i don’ t know.

here’s what i do know:

  • i never supported the iraq or afghan invasions or occupations. i still don’t.
  • i’ve always believed that those actions, and most of the military actions america has made in the past 100 years are not in the best interests of the american people or the receivers of that military might.
  • war crimes were committed by the manner and method of america’s recent intrusions, and i wish the parties responsible, especially those who were or may be in the government, were held responsible, including through jail and/or criminal punishment
  • no one listens to me, so this changes very little in the current geo-political world

so punk firas wleed, here’s what it boils down to:

  • if you attacked me because of something my country did, you’re following in the behavior of the people who are your enemy, by attacking a person who had nothing to do with it. in fact, you’re attacking someone who probably agrees with you more than disagrees. stupid of you!
  • if you attacked me because of something someone else did, you are spreading the damage they caused on you by damaging me. shame on you!
  • if you attacked me because my website is insecure, fuck you! you could have just sent me an email or comment with some advice. instead it took me months to work up the interest to set everything back up (with automatic backup) because i hate to see my hard efforts destroyed by meddling fucktards.
  • if you attacked me to prove you could hack my shoddily established wordpress blog utilizing your crazy hAcK3rZ sKi11z, you should probably jump off a cliff now or at least find someone nearby with the common sense to end your worthless life. hacking a crap wordpress is about as impressive as tuning a sitar (most could do it, even if they didn’t know how, given enough time, but the real question is “why?“)
  • if you attacked me to raise your notoriety, FAIL! i’m blogging about how dumb you are…. how’s that help you? (targeting me will probably only make this worse).

i mean no disrespect. only to enlighten you on the errors of your ways, which are probably many, if your behavior towards me is any indication.

i don’ t know you. nothing i have personally done has been to harm you or anyone you know. attacking me was dumb and counter-productive. please don’t come back here, proclaimed “king of sadness“, its a waste of your time and talents.

if you are a gifted hacker, put it to good use attacking worthwhile targets.

if you aren’t, put your computer skills to use developing apps, etc. that will improve the world for everyone, you included (in more ways than profit).
better yet, be a more productive member of the society you live in whatever way you can.


why waste your life trashing crappy websites no one reads?




this is the guy, may he never return. let his reputation sink lower by his own actions: 
Firas Wleed
14 Ramadan
Phone:         +964.7700778964
Email Address:

updated site

thanks for stopping by the updated site.
feel free to browse and let us know what you think.

also, if you are a “king of sadness”, or any other jaded iraqi hackers, please move along. heaven help us if we spread our thoughts without a “sad king” wasting his obviously honed skills to wipe our message and replace it with crappy animated gifs.

more to come. sorry about the roughness….